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The stars are aligning

AVI Japan Special Situations

The opportunity in Japan exists due to under-research, balance sheet discounts, regulatory tailwinds, corporate reform and improving landscape for shareholder engagement. An undervalued Yen and signs of modest inflation make for a supportive macro backdrop. The positive market performance in 2023, and recognition from investors over the changing environment, is just the start of a long pathway to unlocking Japanese companies’ true potential.

Co-head of Japan research

Daniel joined AVI in 2015, originally covering European holding companies and Japan equities. In 2017, his focus shifted entirely to Japan and the following year he supported the launch of AVI’s first dedicated Japan fund.

Why now for environmental equities at TT International?

TT Environmental Solutions Fund

TT International thinks it is a great time to be investing in environmental equities, with rates having peaked, the tough macro cycle well advanced, and valuations now compelling. This fund offers an alternative approach compared to many peers, investing in a diversified and differentiated universe, spanning seven core themes that focus on biodiversity and nature as well as climate change.

Portfolio manager
TT International Asset Management

Andy is co-portfolio manager of the Environmental Solutions Strategy and portfolio manager UK Strategy at TT. He is also head of European research. He joined TT in 2002 from Deutsche AM where he was a director and head of the global retail and leisure team.

Finding the index that meets both your financial and sustainability goals: your choice will matter



Product specialist
Xtrackers by DWS

Frederike joined DWS in 2020. As a member of the passive products team, she focuses on indexing with sustainability and climate topics as her primary areas of expertise.

Pure-play focus to long-term secular growth themes

Powerful long-term structural forces are spanning decades and affect economies, society, and the planet. These changes are often global and cut across traditional sectors and industries. Credit Suisse Asset Management has developed a highly focused pure-play thematic approach to search for future winners and get maximum exposure to these long-term secular growth themes. Its approach provides diversification away from major indices, and typically larger exposure to smaller companies with high growth, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Investment specialist, thematic equities
UBS Group

Pascal is an investment specialist based in Zurich at Credit Suisse Asset Management, now part of UBS Group. He joined in 2018 to focus on thematic equities and is part of the investment team. He covers a number of thematic equity strategies including security and safety, robotics and automation, healthcare innovation, environmental solutions, education technologies, infrastructure and energy transition themes. Prior to that, he was a senior portfolio manager and analyst.

Economic moat investing: a competitive advantage investors strive for

VanEck Morningstar US Wide Moat Ucits ETF

Wide moat stocks have an expected competitive advantage of 20 years or longer, resulting in an investment universe of about 200 quality stocks. In addition, each stock needs to have a discount versus the fair value before it is put into VanEck's portfolio which is equally weighted. This philosophy has resulted in long term alpha for all four strategies, versus either S&P500 (US & US ESG Wide Moat), MSCI World (Global Wide Moat) or Russell 2500 (US SMID Moat).


As a specialised ETF-provider VanEck manages its investment strategies in a rule-based manner, meaning that an ETF is not managed by a fund manager. However, André is a specialist for the four wide moat Ucits ETFs and is responsible for the Benelux and Nordic clients. This particular suite of products is fundamentally researched by a Morningstar analyst team. The universe consists of all wide moat companies for which the firm applies a valuation overlay before entering into the portfolio.